Q. What is SALT THERAPY and how does it help people? 


A. Salt therapy or Halotherapy has been used for many years in European spas. Salt therapy is a therapeutic treatment for lung and skin health, using concentrations of dry salt aerosol. Micron-sized particles of salt penetrate deep into the lung airways and skin pores. Salt therapy has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties. It has been proven through some clinical trials to help with the following conditions: reduces reactive airway reaction in Asthma; helps lung and breathing capacity in COPD; helps Skin conditions such as: Eczema and Psoriasis, and in general, improves lung function. Clients love it as it is non-invasive, with no side effects like the drugs they are used to taking for various conditions and it a flexible and low-cost treatment.

Salt therapy helps reduce stress and lowers and controls Blood Pressure. So visits help overall health for all age groups from children to athletes, to older adults. Typically, a Client visits a Salt room 2 x per week. Many Salt Therapy wellness spas have a Monthly Membership, just like a gym, and many have add-on treatments such as facials and massage.   

 Q.  Is The Salt Cavern TM a growing segment of the Spa/Wellness industry?

A.  YES ! The SALT THERAPY industry is EXPLODING! The first stand-alone Salt Therapy Wellness Spas was introduced to the U.S around 2010. Then there were only 2 Salt Therapy Wellness Spas. By 2012 there were about 12 and by 2017 there were over 300 Salt Therapy Wellness Spas according to both the New York Times (June 15 ’17 article) and the Salt Therapy Association.

Salt Therapy is an EASY business to enter with VERY low start-up cost. Ongoing expenses and labor costs, once a Salt Therapy Wellness Spas are set up are low with often only 1 employee and pennies to run the salt room making a Salt Therapy Wellness Spa a VERY LUCRATIVE and PROFITABLE REPEAT business. Sessions are often $30- $50 per visit and Monthly and Yearly memberships are often offered.

One can expect to make FIRST YEAR REVENUES of $150K + depending on if one has 1 or more locations and if an owner adds other services such as Yoga, Facials, massage, etc. as some Salt Therapy Wellness Spas.

There are several reasons for the BOOMING growth in the Salt Therapy industry:

A GROWING CONSUMER demand. The efficacy of Salt Therapy to help reduce symptoms, without the SIDE EFFECTS of DRUGS and the LOW COST of visiting a Salt Therapy Wellness Spa has contributed to Salt Therapy’s popularity
The state of HEALTH CARE today with rising premiums and higher deductibles means that both employees and Companies are looking for PROACTIVE treatments for medical conditions to reduce Dr. and hospital visits. Salt Therapy provides RELIEF in the FINANCIAL area as well as the Health and Wellness area.
One can OWN a Salt Therapy business with NO College education; NO special skills; with VERY little entry costs (especially by licensing a Salt Therapy Business Model as compared to franchising); One can be an ABSENTEE OWNER or Part-Time, Owner - 20 hrs week business, leaving time for another business or family; Salt Therapy is a TERRIFIC ADD-ON business for Chiropractors, Drs., Plastic Surgeons NA’s. PA’s and Dermatologists, other Spas and for Professionals.
Many older adults in their 50 ‘s and 60’s are changing careers (59 % will have a 2nd career by this age), and this group has experienced both down-sizing and age discrimination, so OWNING their own business is the SOLUTION for this group. Women ages 50 – 60 are the fastest growing group who are starting businesses in the U.S. presently.
A Salt Therapy Wellness Spa is PERFECT for anyone who wants to HELP people, see REAL RESULTS, hear the APPRECIATION of their Clients on a DAILY BASIS, and become a HIGHLY RESPECTED member of their local community. Owning a Salt Therapy Wellness Spa is a perfect business for those who are in the HEALING professions, such as Drs., Respiratory Therapists, Psychologists, and others.


Q. How do I know if I am the right person to operate The Salt Cavern TM?


A.  If you have it in your heart to love your fellow man and want to help people you will be living your dream and the same time you will have a much higher than average income. The Salt Cavern TM is one of the most personally rewarding Businesses in the spa industry. Not a day goes by when your client will tell you about the improvement they are experiencing. Salt Therapy also creates better productivity in America and helps SAVE JOBS! People take off from work because of allergies, asthma colds, and flues. Salt Therapy helps alleviate and reduce these problems. Happy workers are productive workers.

   Q. What specific skills do I need to run The Salt Cavern TM?

A.  The Salt Therapy Wellness Spa industry does not require a college degree OR any particular experience or skills. For those of you who are in your 40’s-60 and have experienced job discrimination or sent out resumes for two years, THIS is WELCOME NEWS!

      This business also does not take away from your life experiences or time with your family or participating in community activities. As you learn the Salt Therapy business, you are inclined to see the world in a new and natural way that nature provides for humans and you become an integral part of your community.  

Q.   How much time per week will it entail?

A.   Your time depends on the demand, what time of year, the type of seasonal weather, and how accommodating you want to be. I suggest you should be flexible and change whenever needed. When we first started we scheduled 42 hours and then we increased to 49 hours. We added a late day and added Sundays.

Q.  How much money can I make doing this?

A.   This depends on the licensee’s individual effort and how many The Salt Cavern TM locations you decide to open. The average gross income generated for The Salt Cavern TM is approx. $150K per year and you should net between 35% to 45% of the gross, but this will depend on your drive, as well as the number of The Salt Therapy TM locations you have.

Q.   What will my startup costs be?

A.   It will depend on the individual location, room’s, equipment, furniture, structural alterations, and aesthetics for inside and outside of the salt room. You’ll find an estimate above in the Company Overview.  You may be able to start with $50K to $75K plus the TIME LICENSING FEE of 25K. Most People can start with a non-refundable down payment fee of 5K.

Q.   Do I need to give a percentage of my income to The Salt Cavern TM Corporation?

A.   As a Licensee, you will NEVER be required to pay “Royalties” to The Salt Cavern TM Corporation Licensor.  You can SAVE $200K - $500K + through LICENSING from The Salt Cavern TM rather than franchising (where one often pays 6-7 % Royalties AND monthly advertising fees to the Franchisor) OR using EXPENSIVE Consultants in the Salt Therapy industry (often charging $37K + for a Consulting “package”). Our QUICK START GUIDE will get you into the Salt Therapy business quickly –often within 3 months

Your Branding/Marketing fee to be listed on The Salt Cavern TM corporate Web Site is only $1200/yearly ( $100/monthly) each year upon renewal. This includes the continued use of The Salt Cavern TM Trademarks, Service Marks and all other Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets. In addition, it includes referrals that can come to you just from being listed on The Salt Cavern TM corporate Web Site.

Q.   What would be the benefit of owning my own The Salt Cavern TM location?

A.   The gratification derived from owning your own independent business is your BEST REWARD. It’s yours to keep and yours to enjoy! You can set your OWN SCHEDULE and you will be recognized in your community as a pioneer for your interest in helping educate others to provide innovative, alternative, and natural choices for your clients. You will enjoy the essence of your entrepreneurial spirit, unimaginable in any franchise. You will answer to one boss… Yourself! Ahh, the bonus! There are great tax benefits when you own your own business.


Q. Will I receive any help in setting up my The Salt Cavern TM location from you?

A. Yes! In addition to the 20 Hours of Consulting time that is PART of The Salt Cavern TM, you will receive our QUICK START GUIDE laying out exactly what we did when we set up our The Salt Cavern TM location! What we WON’T do is charge you thousands of dollars EXTRA as some Consulting companies in the Salt Therapy area do. You will receive an EXACT ROADMAP of what we did at a fraction of the price of any Franchise or Consultant operating. For those who wish some additional help or having questions answered you can, of course, have some optional Consulting hours at any time with us.


Q. How big will my area be and will I be protected?


A. Your area will be the neighborhood or city or town if smaller, that you choose when your license your The Salt Cavern TM location and will be on a case by case basis. Typically licensed areas are 10 miles + apart from the other The Salt Therapy TM Wellness Spas. We cannot prevent other salt therapy spas from moving close to your location, and we cannot assign you a “territory” as Franchises does legally, or we would be declared a “Franchise” and our Licensees declared a “Franchisee”, bring us and them under heavy SEC government rules and regulations which LICENSNG does not have. You will have the advantage though with a 10-mile + radius and a jumpstart into the market.


Q. How many locations can I open in one area?


      A. As many as you like just as long as each location is 10 miles apart. You will have a discount off the ONE – TIME LICENSEE FEE for each area license you purchase.


 How long will it take to get started?


 Once you have finalized the Trademark Licensing Agreement, typically you can open within 3 months. However, there are many variables depending on your local jurisdiction, due to the particular permit process in your city or county when opening up a business.




Q. Okay, I want to get started right now. How can I go to next level?



A. Contact The Salt Cavern TM through the website, email:, or phone 973-928-2229 (11AM-6pm, EST Monday -Thursday) and let us know you’re ready to proceed. We will then have you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Once this is done we schedule a time to talk with you. After this talk, we can move directly to the Intent to License Agreement. When you sign the Letter of Intent to License, you will put down a non-refundable deposit. We will then stop talking with other potential Licensees for your chosen area. Next, within 3 to 4 weeks we will complete the Licensing Agreement. With the correct permits and licenses, you could be ready to open anytime from 6-12 weeks, depending on your particular circumstances.


Q. Can I skip any steps and move directly to the Trademark Licensing Agreement?


A. The Non-Disclosure must be signed, but you may choose to skip the Intent to License and move directly to the Trademark Licensing Agreement. You will still put down a non-refundable deposit before you sign the Licensing Agreement (which could take a few weeks to complete, for you and your advisors to look at) to reserve your area while we finalize all the details.



Q.  What happens after I receive a License?


           A. As soon as you have signed the Licensing Agreement, you may immediately begin work on your signage, menu and marketing material. You will also receive our user-friendly, “Quick Start Guide”. This guides you through all the steps we did to create The Salt Cavern TM, including our tips, equipment we prefer and vendors list recommendations. It is a roadmap of how to get started with your own The Salt Cavern TM Wellness Spa. Every aspect of The Salt Cavern, TM Wellness Spa business is taken from what we ourselves did to set up our The Salt Cavern TM. This guide will provide you with information for suggested salt inventory, equipment, and software choices/costs in, marketing, our vendor contacts, bulk items, sourcing and possible other profitable retail products you could add to your The Salt Cavern TM Wellness Spa to sell. Your success is our success and our goal.

We’d love to have you joining The Salt Cavern TM Wellness Spa revolution in helping people and having you become part of our family.

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      I would like to personally thank you for your interest in The Salt Cavern Tm. You are taking the first steps to creating your own road to a rewarding and profitable business which will fill your life with joy, pride, and of course financial rewards.


      The salt therapy business will not be anything like going to a “job” or “work”.  Instead, you have chosen a career in helping people feel better and you will be rewarded every time you hear your clients say “Thank you!” when they come in.


      In addition, by owning a The Salt Cavern Tm location you will be creating a community and a healing space as a well as become recognized in your own community.  


      We have created a proven business system with strategies that will show you the path to building your own The Salt Cavern Tm.  We will provide you with a model of a fun filled wellness spa environment, and how to create and design welcoming space for your clients with your own personal touch, which in today's market has been missing for a long time.


      Please take a few minutes to read our Company Overview and F.A.Q below. We look forward to hearing from you and would love to welcome you to our The Salt Cavern Tm community and family.  

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